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Applying for a grant.

Lymphoma Research Trust Grant Applications

Researchers are welcome to apply for research training grants or for early stage research grants.

  1. Research Training Grants

These grants provide support for junior physicians to undertake a short term training programme in specialised clinical trial or laboratory techniques at a recognised centre. This should be designed to encourage academic clinical and translational research and facilitate the undertaking of future research into the area of lymphoproliferative disorders.

Applicants should provide the following information:

1. Curriculum vitae of applicant.

2. Statement of up to 500 words from the applicant giving details of how the proposed attachment will contribute to their training or facilitate future research.

3. Statement of up to 500 words from the proposed supervisor accepting the applicant for training.

4. Costings: please give details of how the funding will be used.

  1. Early Stage Research

The intention of the work to be undertaken should be a “proof of principle” project with a view to seeking further funding at a later date to undertake a clinical and or translational study that may lead to improving the care of patients with lymphoproliferative disorders. Funding is intended for early stage research to support consumables costs.

Applicants should give the following information:

1. Abstract summarising proposed project in 200 words.

2. List up to 3 objectives.

3. Background and rationale (max 1000 words).

4. Plan of investigation (max 1000 words).

5. Future plans: how will this research be taken forward once the present project has completed?

6. Justification of support requested (max 500 words).

7. Costings: please supply outline budget for study.

Examples of previous research projects funded by LRT

– Using mass cytometry (CyTOF) to produce a detailed map of normal circulating T-cell subsets

– Investigating the immune microenvironment of post-transplant lymphoma in a standardised clinical trial cohort

– An investigation of post transplantation-associated lymphoproliferative disorders

– Evaluation of deep inspiration breath-hold technique to reduce toxicity of mediastinal radiotherapy for lymphoma

– Investigating the gene expression of the Epstein-Barr Virus and the host using real-time PCR assays in patients who have had a bone marrow transplant

Grants can only be made to researchers at UK-based hospitals and universities. Please send your application to Tim Redding,